I’m Baaaack!

by Stephanie Casher on December 7, 2009

Hello there loyal readers :) I can’t believe how many of you still check this blog regularly, even though I haven’t updated in over a year. Well I’ve got great news for you… I’m baaaack!

After reflecting on the past year, and reading my last post from January 2009, I can’t help but recall Barack’s mantra when he was on the campaign trail — “Change is coming to America.” Well CHANGE certainly showed up in major ways in my life, and anyone who has gone through a significant life transition knows how time-consuming that can be. :) I started a new job in January 2009, that has taken my career on a totally unexpected, but wonderful, arc. I’ve shacked up with my beau, and am enjoying my first adult relationship while discovering the joys of domesticity and cohabitation. My nearest and dearest are procreating, and I’m getting ready to join them. ;) And I am on the verge of making MAJOR moves in regards to my writing career (stay tuned!). Yes, these definitely have been exciting, transformational times.

Now that the proverbial dust has settled, I’m ready to return to my hobbies and joys, and writing is definitely one of my greatest joys. In addition to reviving this blog, I’m happy to announce that WHEN LOVE ISN’T ENOUGH will soon be available for purchase! Definitely more on that later. ;)

Well, I’m excited about my return to the blogosphere. As Jay-Z would say, I’ve got Big Things Poppin’. Stay Tuned!

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