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In June 2018, James and I traveled to Belize with my brother and his family.  My sister-in-law crafted an awesome, kid-friendly itinerary for us, and we spent eight relaxing days exploring this amazing country.

Belize is located in Central America, bordered to the west by Mexico and Guatemala. English is spoken throughout the country, and the US Dollar is accepted everywhere (2 Belize dollars for every US dollar) —  Americans will find it very easy to navigate here. The people are friendly, and I found the country to be very safe.

A lot of tourists come to Belize to spend time on the Cayes (pronounced “keys’), small islands off the coast. Scuba diving and snorkeling is a huge draw in this region as far as excursions go, but there are also plenty of things for folks to do if they’re not into water sports.

Belize is fairly easy to navigate by car.  While there are certainly some issues with unpaved roads and potholes, I found the roads to be far better than Costa Rica and Jamaica in terms of road conditions.  The Hummingbird Highway is beautiful and scenic, and I recommend taking this highway if the opportunity presents itself. NOTE: Ignore your GPS if it tells you to take the Coastal Highway from southern Belize back to Belize City; the road is unpaved the entire way, and unless you have a sturdy truck or SUV with 4WD, the trip will take much longer than the GPS says it will. There is also no cell service along this route, in case you encounter any problems with your car, tires, etc.

Check out the blogs below for specific recommendations from the cities we visited!

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And of course, one of the greatest perks of traveling with Bill is I always get an awesome vacation video out of it! :)

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