Birthday Recap

by Stephanie Casher on January 6, 2006

Hey ya’ll,
Nothing terribly deep today, just a birthday recap for those who are curious… I had a great 30th birthday… The phone literally rang off the hook with loved ones sending their love. I got to hear the voices of some folks I have missed dearly (Corey, Heff, Big Chris, Jonny Blash – xoxoxo – u made my day!). Lots of emails and other on-line celebrating. Not one, but TWO flower deliveries (thanks Meg and Mom!!!!) A wonderful picnic down on West Cliff with Sponge-E, enjoying the sunshine and picture perfect 71 degree(!) weather. An hour soaking my body in a tub at the spa. A little shopping to pick up some thangs for the Birthday woman :-) A lovely drive up Highway One in the afternoon where I got to view the most KILLER sunset. Drinks and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in SF. And rounding out the night snuggled up with the man I love… A great day, a great night. You know, it’s days like this, major life milestones and such, when you really get an idea of how much you are loved. It feels good to be loved. As Brooks and Dunn would say – “That’s What It’s All About…”

Thank you to everyone who thought of me and reached out to send me love on my most special of days. I have the best group of friends and fambamily in the world!!!

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