Isabel’s Birth Day

by Stephanie Casher on February 10, 2006

At 12:40 pm today, we welcomed Isabel Charlize Santillan into the world :-) 6 perfect pounds and 1 perfect ounce. Dena was a trooper and the delivery went off without a hitch. Things got a little intense after the delivery with some complications, but the doctors did their thing and mama and baby are fine…

I’ve seen a lot of cool things in my life, but watching Isabel being born is definitely one of the coolest. Watching the birth of a child is to witness a miracle. I’m not going to lie — I almost fainted when the whole thing first got started… But once I recovered from that and got my bearings, I was sucked into this incredible journey that I feel so honored to have been a part of. I will never forget how it felt to be huddled around Dena expectantly, watching in awe at her strength and grace as she brought her child into this world… How crazy it was the first time we saw Isabel’s head (a FULL head of hair, might I add), and then even crazier after that final push when her tiny little body came spilling out, placed immediately on mama’s chest, mother seeing daughter for the first time… Hearing Isabel’s first cry fill the room was the most surreal, emotional, joyful, magical moment I’ve ever experienced. Isabel was looking around and totally alert from the moment she was placed on Dena’s chest, taking it all in, responding to the sound of her daddy’s voice as the doctors took care of the placenta problem…

Keeping Isabel company while Daddy tended to Mama’s recovery, I couldn’t help but marvel at how perfect this child is. Just hours into her life and I’m staring down at her realizing I am beholding the purest thing in the world — a newborn. Pre-socialization, sans memories, a soft, smushy bundle of uncorrupted lifeforce energy and sheer potential. Amazing. And you know what? There is nothing softer than a baby’s skin. Nothing.

Happy Birthday Isabel Charlize! Auntie Steph loves you!!!

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