Another Manuscript Request!!!

by Stephanie Casher on April 30, 2006

Okay, my hands are shaking so bad right now. Wait, Stephanie, begin at the beginning. Okay, deep breath. Today was the first real “Steph” day I’ve had in a while. The spring cleaning is done, the tenant is evicted, the sun was out, and I had nothing to do. What a lovely change. After a morning yoga class and lunch, I parked it in the backyard soaking up the sun and trying to finish my latest read SLOW MOTION (review to come). A nice lazy day lounging in the sunshine, the perfect complement to the lazy Saturday I had lounging around with my mando… Eventually I decided to wander down to the mailbox to check the mail, cause it occurred to me I hadn’t check it in a while. (All I ever seem to get is bills, lol, mail depresses me.)

You know, there is so much waiting in this business that I almost forgot I still had live queries out there. It’s just been so long since I sent them, lol. But in the mailbox today I actually found an envelope bearing the return address of one of the “Big Dog” publishers I submitted a query to. Deep breath. I was almost afraid to open it. What did the envelope hold, rejection or another sign that I am indeed on the right path…

I guess I must be on the right path, cause this highly coveted publisher would like to see my full manuscript :-)

I can’t even describe the flood of emotions I’m feeling right now… It’s something like validation, wrapped in a layer of anxiety, dropped in a pool of excitement. Or something. Beginning writers hear tons of horror stories from other writers, describing how difficult it is for unpubs to get out of the dreaded “slush pile”… Yet here I am, fresh out the gate, with two manuscript requests in less than a year of querying. Either I’m incredibly lucky, or I wrote a damn good book. Let’s hope it’s the latter ;-) Oprah, here I come…

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