The launch of stephaniecasher.com

by Stephanie Casher on June 27, 2006

My new website is up and running folks!

I think of it as the “Gateway to All Things Steph.” I know, kinda scary, lol. To be honest, it feels a little strange having my own domain name, but I love the design of the site (thanks to everyone who gave me feedback!), and now I feel legit on the author tip. Or something. I decided to keep it pretty simple for now, but one new feature I did add is a photo gallery. Now the millions of pictures I plan to take of Devin will have a proper home, lol. :-)

Things have been nuts over here. Between houseguests and tenants, packing, wrapping things up at the office, and visiting my nephew, it’s been pretty much nonstop activity. And I don’t care if it’s not officially Retrograde yet, Mercury is seriously fucking with me. Whew, this is going to be a very interesting journey I’m about to embark on… But I’m excited nonetheless. 10 days and counting!!!

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