Camping Disaster Averted

by Stephanie Casher on July 3, 2006

Anyone who has travelled with me can tell you that I have a mild case of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) when it comes to packing and pre-trip preparations. I will check the stove or whether or not I have the tickets dozens of times before I take off. This is why I have to start packing for major journeys weeks in advance of travel. It can literally take me hours to get out of the house.

Anyway, my OCD totally saved me this trip! After Megan flies out to meet me in Chicago (yay!!!), we’re going to be camping our way home across the Northern part of the country. This is the commune-with-nature/cost-saving leg of the trip, lol. Well yesterday was a picture perfect sun shiny day in Santa Cruz, and I spent most of it packing up all the camping gear. Then I decided to “practice pitch” the tent, to make sure everything was okay with it. I haven’t camped in many years, and thought it would be smart to check out the equipment before setting off. Good thing I did, cause after I unpacked the tent I discovered that I did not have the poles!!! Crucial piece of equipment, don’t ya think? So I immediately shifted into panic mode and tore the shed apart, but no poles. Freaked out for a good 20 minutes, called mom to see if maybe she had them. Then I thought to look one last completely obscure place (inside a suitcase), and found them. WHEW! Can you imagine if I had set off without the poles, and then Meg and I get to our first campsite and discover we have no tent to sleep in?!?!? That would have been a disaster!

Anyway, I successfully pitched the tent, which I also can’t believe cause this thing is HUGE and definitely requires two people. I had to get reeaaal creative to get this thing off the ground, lol. But there it is, one of my homes away from home this summer…

I actually inflated the air mattress, busted out the sleeping bag and slept in the tent last night, lol. Yes, that’s right, practice camping in my backyard, and yes I know I’m a nerd, lol. But I’m proud to report it was super comfortable and I wasn’t cold at all. My new sleeping bag totally rocks! :-)

4 Days to Go and then I’m off!!! Wooo Hooooo!!!!

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