Downtime in Austin

by Stephanie Casher on July 18, 2006

Austin, TX has been good for my soul. First of all, I’ve gotten to spend Quality time with my good friend Nicola… Nicola and I have been friends since the 8th grade. She moved to Vacaville in 9th grade, and then to Texas about 10 years ago. But she’s one of those friends that no matter how much time passes, we always pick up right where we left off… I cherish friendships like those, and I absolutely cherish this time I’ve gotten to spend with her here in Austin, TX. Coming off some major John withdrawal, time with a good girlfriend turned out to be exactly what I needed to get my mind off the poet. I almost feel back to normal now, lol. Almost :-)

Nicola’s house is gorgeous and huge, with a killer pool in the back. It’s amazing what $170,000 can get you in Texas… This whole experience has definitely opened my mind to the possibilities of settling outside of California. If I could get myself something lakefront, I could totally see myself living here…

I love Austin. The vibe here is very similar to Santa Cruz — lots of eclectic, artsy folk, and a more liberal atmosphere than the rest of Texas. It’s still hot as hell, but the city is surrounded by Lake Austin, so it seems cooler than it was in Dallas. Monday we spent the day chillun’ at Barton Springs. Awesome. They threw up this dam in the middle of Lake Austin to make a huge pool, complete with diving boards and ladders to get in and out. We layed around under a huge tree all day, then jumped in the lake to cool off. So relaxing. Afterwards, Nicola, Christine and I met up with Heather the Hottie for dinner and margaritas at Freddie’s. YUM. So much fun to be out with the girls, talking girl talk and being silly. It was like an episode of Sex in the City I swear, lol. Note to self: Get some single girlfriends when I get back to the Cruz…

Today Nic and I went to the Zen Zone for some spa pampering. AWESOME. We did this detox footbath which pulled a grip of toxins out of our bodies (scary stuff), and then got a massage. It felt good to indulge in some pampering. A grubbin’ lunch at Whole Foods, then off to Kinko’s to print my manuscript so I can ship it off to the folks that requested it. Rounded out the day with dinner and drinks with Nic’s hubby Frank, sis Judy, and Judy’s husband Tom at the Hula Hut. Once again, no one will let me pay for anything out here, so I’m getting a Queen’s treatment at no-cost. I am so blessed ya’ll, so blessed.

Tomorrow I leave lovely Austin to head out to Houston to visit with Josiah for a few days… My week in Texas is all about rest, relaxation, and recuperation. For me and my car, lol. Til next time…

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