McFriends and McGraws

by Stephanie Casher on July 22, 2006

The Soul2Soul summer has begun… Yesterday was an AWESOME day filled with McFriends and McGraws… It was nice to do a little something for the cowgirl in me finally, after all these days in TEXAS going to hip-hop bars and clubs, lol. The whole day was like food for my soul…

Left Houston EARLY in the morning to get up to Leisha’s in Fort Worth for a quick visit. I’ve been an active member on the the message board at mcgraws.com for 6 years, and Leisha and I have been friends for most of this time. Truth be told, she’s one of my closest friends on the Board, and our relationship off-board has blossomed into something that I cherish and hold very dear to my heart… I was very excited to meet her and her adorable children FOR THE FIRST TIME!

It was awesome. Just awesome. We chatted like we’d known each other forever and I absolutely fell in LOVE with her kids. The cutest little things in the world. I’ve had pictures of Jake up in my office at work since he was born, and it was so wild to finally see/meet him (he’s five now). And Miss Rachel is just a ray of sunshine.. I totally want a little girl just like her…

The visit was not nearly long enough, and after a very long goodbye in the driveway, I had to leave the lovely little family for Mission #2 of the day — a massive McMeet.
Like I said, I’ve been friends with many of the women from the message board for years, but I’ve never had a chance to meet anyone that lives outside of California (except Colleen who’s a tour-travellin’ Diva, lol). Wendy, the only Dallas native and the sweetest, sweetest gal ever, organized a huge McMeet for all of us at a restaurant before the show. Present and accounted for were: my good friend Iris (who flew in from Cali – was GREAT to see you and catch up!), Colleen and Mama Karen (from New York), the lovely Miss Jane (From Washington DC), Danna (from pre-Katrina New Orleans, now residing in Houston), Megan (from New Orleans), Michelle (who wins the award for longest travel day coming in on a red-eye from Portland) and Hanky (who has a real name, I just don’t know it cause she’s just Hanky to me, LOL). It was so much fun hanging out with these ladies – people think I’m weird for running off to hang with folks I met on the internet, but people just don’t understand how close you can get talking to someone every day for 6 years! It was lovely to meet ya’ll and I hope the caravan made it safely to Houston and is having a BLAST! Wish I was there!

Now for the show…. Oh boy. That Tim McGraw – he just does something to me… I haven’t been to a show since October, and I had completely forgotten what it feels like to be in a room with Tim. I swear to God, the second he opened his mouth my whole body was covered with goosebumps. I remember now why the obsession began all those years ago, lol.I had a third row seat, so I got to see both Tim and Faith up close and personal. Loved it. Faith was having a great time, with great energy, and sounded flawless as usual. I swear, she is so underappreciated – that woman can sang. And she’s freakin’ gorgeous.

Tim… Well, there are no words. That man is hotter than an Arizona desert with a heart of Gold. I swear, I am a grown-ass woman and he just makes me SWOON. It was awesome to hear My Little Girl, When the Stars Go Blue, and I’ve Got Friends that Do LIVE. He gave big ups to Mr. Charley Pride who was in the audience… And the way he looks at his wife makes me want to cry. I would give anything to have someone love me like that, Anything. When the first few notes of “It’s Your Love” started to play, I actually felt tears forming in my eyes. It’s been so long since I’ve heard them perform that song, and it brings back so many memories (having loved Tim longer than Faith has, lol, I was right there in 1996 when they were falling in love…). And “I Need You” left me damn near speechless. To behold true love in action, to see with your own eyes that soulmates truly exist… There is nothing more inspirational.

I had such a good time that I’m seriously considering going to the Nashville show next Saturday. Colleen and Mama Karen have an extra ticket with my name on it if I want it… They wanted me to roll down to Houston with them, but since I just came from there, I passed. But Nashville would be awesome. God, I am so off the Mcgraw wagon… And here I was thinking I was on my way to being cured…

More pics from the show on Flickr.

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