Chicago, Illinois

by Stephanie Casher on August 2, 2006

Well surprisingly our quaint little cabin in South Dakota has wireless internet, so I’m able to blog after all… I’m telling you, my luck on this trip has just been outstanding.

Where did I leave off – oh yeah, my day and a half in Chicago. Chicago is HUGE. I’ve never seen a city this big — I swear you can fit 3 downtown San Francisco’s in Chicago. Huge skyscrapers punctuate a gorgeous skyline, with a river running through the middle, and bordered by Lake Michigan. As far as cities go – this one has a lot going on. Almost too much going on.

I experienced many epiphanies and moments of clarity on this trip, the main one being — I am a country girl (as opposed to a city girl). I love love LOVED the South, and miss it terribly already… But in the bustling metropolis of Chi-town, I was just overwhelmed. As much as it had to offer – I could never live there. Too much congestion, too many people, and I find high-rises terribly unnatural, lol. I’d take a lonely country road and 37 acres any day over the bright lights of a big city. So while it was a nice visit, Chicago didn’t wow me the way The South and Florida did.

But I still managed to enjoy myself immensely. I stayed with my good friend (and kindred spirit) Corey, and his girlfriend Kristina. It’s awesome to be introduced to the city by locals (well, technically they’re transplants, lol) because they know all the good places to go to eat, which we did a LOT of. Amazingly delicious food for dinner both nights and a grubbin’ breakfast on Tuesday. It was incredibly restful and relaxing, and quality time with a dear friend who truly knows, loves, and understands me is just priceless. It was also great to spend some time getting to know Kristina (who I really like!), and see that Corey is in very good hands. Cause he sure is a handful (sorry, couldn’t resist that one Dr. Capers!) ;-)

Swooped Megan up in the evening, and after a long night and then a long day of driving, we made it safe and sound to South Dakota just after sunset. Gorgeous country out here. More on our adventures in South Dakota later, cause its late and we have a full day of sightseeing ahead of us tomorrow. But I’m having the time of my life ya’ll!!!

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