Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming

by Stephanie Casher on August 6, 2006

If there were to be a battle for the bestest National Park in the country, I am convinced that the Grand Tetons would kick every other parks butt! My mouth hasn’t hung open like that since Sedona, and the Grand Canyon ain’t got nothin’ on the Tetons. The mountains, the lakes, and the surrounding scenery were among the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen in my life…

We camped for two days in Colter Bay Village in the coolest little tent cabin. My body was ready for a non-driving day by this point, though Saturday hardly felt like a day off. Meg and I went for a hike around GORGEOUS Jenny Lake that ended up being 6 miles and 3 hours long. The trail itself wasn’t as challenging as trying to keep up with Megan’s pace (the girl hasn’t smoked a day in her life and runs miles for FUN). Needless to say, after we were done, I was exhausted. But it was beautiful and there was an awesome waterfall at the halfway point, and I just love me some waterfalls.
As lovely as our tent cabin was, Meg and I didn’t get very much sleep in it, lol. Apparently the Tetons is very much bear country, so when checking in we were warned that bears are in the area and to lock up all food and food-scented toiletries in the car or bear bins before retiring for the night… Well I was awoken in the middle of the night by some major rustling and slamming in the camp, like a large animal was trying to get into the bear bins. Then I heard the growls and roars of a bear, not at all far away, and could not go back to sleep. I just laid there praying that they did not come after us (I spilled some cranberry juice in the tent earlier). Super scary. Meg totally made fun of me, and was jealous she slept through all the commotion, but she got her fill of wildlife sounds the next night as bear growls and coyote/wolf howls woke her and kept her up. But I still love camping, and our trip was pretty much without incident, so I will definitely be back.

Today we drove through Yellowstone which was cool. Not nearly as pretty as the Tetons, but still very scenic and we got to glimpse some pretty cool wildlife in their natural habitat. Saw a couple of buffalo walking up the road (like they owned it!) and a herd of elk. Very cool. Unfortunately, that was where the fun stuff ended (see above). I tell you, this trip has not been without its adventures!

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