Safe and Sound in Washington State

by Stephanie Casher on August 7, 2006

Just a quickie to let everyone know Meg and I made it safely to our campsite in Eastern Washington State. I am actually writing you from camp, beside a gorgeous river…

What can I say, wireless internet rocks, lol.

The car (and tires) seem to be holding up fine and things feel back to “normal”. We stopped at a Jiffy Lube somewhere in Idaho earlier today for an oil change and everything is in working order. Feels good to be back on the West Coast — I was starting to go through Starbucks withdrawal, LOL. We’ve improvised on the itinerary a bit, and have decided that tomorrow we’re going to head up into Vancouver, Canada for the day :-) Yay! I’m so happy that our little adventures on the side of the road didn’t ruin my trip! Just a few more days before I have to go back to “reality”, so I’m determined to enjoy every last second… Til next time!

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