Best Christmas EVER!!!

by Stephanie Casher on December 26, 2006

So those that know me, know I’m not a big fan of Christmas. Or more accurately, the commercialization of Christmas. Nowadays, Christmas seems to have little to do with the birth of Jesus, and has become about presents, and signifying love through the giving of presents. I think that’s messed up. Not everyone has the budget to do the whole present thing, but you can look real bad/cheap if you show up somewhere without a gift of equal or greater value to one you receive. Which is why I opt-out whenever possible–I know you love me, you don’t have to buy me a freakin’ present…

Anyway, I didn’t mean for this to be a rant. I actually had an awesome Christmas this year (quite possibly the Best Christmas Ever), because for the first time the focus was on what Christmas is really supposed to be about – KIDS and FAMILY.

My Jackson Fam journeyed all the way out from Mississippi (and Dallas) to spend the holidays with us, and it was just awesome having them here. A first for most of us, and my dad and auntie haven’t spent Christmas with their baby brother in over thirty years… So there was a lot of quality time bonding, and as we all get up in age, moments like these are especially precious. I had a blast.

Also managed to party my ass off, lol. We were drinking and clubbing on Friday night in San Jose, then did it Real Big in Frisco on Saturday night (an amazing sushi dinner before returning to our hotel rooms to drink and prepare for a night on the town), and lots of amazing food to consume on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It’s been a minute since I’ve had that much fun.

And Devin. Oh man do I love that kid. He is like a movie I never get tired of watching. Such a cool, cool kid.

There were so many kodak moments this weekend, and rather than clog the blog, I’ve uploaded all the pics onto Flickr (complete with captions). I love my FamBam so much and I hope everyone out there was blessed enough to be surrounded by food, friends and family this holiday season.

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