Writing Update

by Stephanie Casher on May 21, 2007

Hello loyal readers :-) As I prepare to head off to New York for Book Expo America (the grandaddy of all writing/publishing conferences), I realized I was long overdue for a blog entry and writing update. Yes, fear not, I am still writing and pursuing my dream of getting published. My silence in the blogosphere is not a sign of inactivity, but rather a symptom of blog fatigue. I hope to remedy that in coming weeks.

I went on at length in a previous post about my new relationship to deadlines :-) My approach to writing of late has definitely been on the leisurely side. I’ll have bursts of productivity, followed by long stretches of inactivity. I’ve also been travelling quite a bit, and reading quite a bit, so my “free” time has been split between competing priorities. But I am still committed to finishing my second book, and I’m proud to report that I’ve just entered the home stretch on that project.

In about five more chapters, WHEN LOVE ISN’T ENOUGH will be DONE. Finally. Man, it feels like just yesterday I was struggling to complete my FIRST novel, and now the second one is almost ready to be unveiled to the world. Very exciting. With this, I’ve proven to myself that this writing thing isn’t a fluke, that I have stories inside of me that need to be told, and that I am perfectly capable of getting them out of me, onto the page, and into the world. That’s still the plan anyways :-) Stay tuned!

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