Faby and Mark’s Wedding Day

by Stephanie Casher on October 26, 2007

My apologies to everyone that’s been waiting (oh-so-patiently :-) for me to upload my wedding pictures… Faby and Mark’s wedding day came and went without a hitch, and I have to say, it was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to. I’ve never been a big fan of “weddings”, but when the two people are so obviously in love, and so obviously made for each other, its hard not to get swept up in all the joy and giddiness. It was a truly beautiful event, with the most stunningly beautiful bride, and I can’t even tell you how honored I am to have been a part of the forging of this blessed union.

Special shouts go out to my fellow bridesmaids for making everything so FUN and to my awesome boyfriend for picking up all the slack when I was just shy of losing my mind ;-) You guys are the BEST!

And to Faby and Mark, my deepest and most sincere wishes for a long life filled with more love and happiness than you can handle. You both deserve it, and I’m so glad you found/have each other!

Here are a few of my favorite pics, and of course the full set can be viewed over at Flickr :-)

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