On the Road… Again :-)

by Stephanie Casher on July 29, 2010

Well, I am in the midst of a travel-rich summer, but believe me, I’m not complaining :) Those who know me know that I am part-gypsy, and just LOVE to travel and be on the road. Most of my travels this summer are for “work”, as TPC promotes the release of our debut novel, SELLOUT by my better half, James W. Lewis. It’s not quite a “vacation”, since we’re hustlin’, sellin’, and schmoozing everywhere we go. But I’ve also managed to schedule in some off days in between events that I’m really looking forward to.

My meditation of late has been how to achieve more balance between my work commitments and my need for R & R. Starting my own business, while working a full-time job, doesn’t leave much time left for leisure. Shoot, I can barely find time to sleep these days. But what I’ve realized is that I’m no good to anyone if I’m burnt out and cranky. So I try to make sure I put the hustle on pause from time to time to take care of ME. This week we’re working the Black Pearls Chocolate Social and the Atlanta Black Book Expo, but in between we’re also going to attend a family reunion in Thomasville, GA, and spend some downtime visiting family in Jacksonville and Baltimore. It was so cold and gloomy when I left Santa Cruz, that I’m really looking forward to sunshine, white sand beaches, and some quality time with the ocean. Work hard, play hard! What a busy, but blessed, life I lead. :)

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