EVENT RECAP: NAACP Author Pavilion

by Stephanie Casher on August 15, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011, James and I had a book signing at the NAACP Author Pavilion, which was held during the 102nd NAACP Annual Convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It was a great day, meeting readers, writers, and random celebrities. Though its always nice to get my author on, at this particular event, I spent more time being starstruck than I did feeling like a published author. After all, we were signing alongside Ray Charles’ son, Ray Charles Robinson Jr., NAACP Image Award winner for his book, You Don’t Know Me: Reflections of My Father, Ray Charles, and sharing the program with heavyweights like Antwone Fisher, Hill Harper, and Isaiah Washington. Sur-real. And a ridiculous amount of fun.

DeVon Franklin

One of the highlights was getting to chat with the uber inspirational DeVon Frankin, author of Produced by Faith: Enjoy Real Success without Losing Your True Self. DeVon, Vice President of Production for Columbia Pictures, has accomplished a lot at his relatively young age, and has written a book about how to succeed in business without compromising your faith (in his case, Christianity). I can’t wait to read his book, which is timely considering my recent entrepreneurial endeavors. You too can be inspired, by reading his book, following him on Twitter, or liking his Facebook fan page.

Also got to meet Ernessa Carter, author of 32 Candles who is right up there with Lolita Files when it comes to my favorite contemporary authors. And she was every bit as awesome as I imagined. If you’re looking for a smart, sassy, heartwarming, and hilarious coming-of-age novel, definitely check out her book!

And then quite randomly, I stumbled upon one of my favorite actors, Brian White! Turns out Brian also has a new book out, Black Carpenter: Straight Talk to Build a Solid Foundation. In addition to being a talented thespian, Brian is also very committed to youth empowerment, and he wrote this book “to create a tool box of essential life skills for the next generation.” Props to Mr. White for finding ways to use his fame to give back to the community. (Swoon) ;)

Like I said, it was a great day. Mocha Ochoa from The Oracle Group organized a great event, and I feel truly honored to have been included. Definitely one of the Lit highlights of 2011! :)

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