As a writer, I’m always looking for a chance to steal away for a writer’s retreat so that I can have some quiet, uninterrupted, distraction-free time to work on my latest project. A few years ago I discovered Costanoa, and it has become my go-to for a nearby writer’s getaway. I LOVE this place.

Located on the coast about halfway between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay, CA, Costanoa has everything you could want for a quiet weekend away. Geared towards nature lovers, the remote location is scenic and picturesque, with miles of hiking trails at your disposal that can take you up in the hills or down to the beach. Or, if you prefer, you can settle into one of the many Adirondack chairs scattered across the property to enjoy a book or sit quietly with your thoughts.

There are a variety of accommodations to choose from — standard lodge rooms, cabins, tent cabins, and campsites. The only rooms with bathrooms inside are the lodge rooms, but the other accommodations provide you with access to “Comfort Stations” (shared bathrooms, showers and a sauna) which are very close by and very clean. All accommodations (with the exception of remote Pine Cabins and campsites) also have access to the hot tub, which is open 24 hours. This is a major perk as far as I’m concerned. I love going out there at 1am and having the tub all to myself.

To aid in the tranquility, lodge rooms and cabins do not have televisions or phones — and for a writing retreat, I really appreciate the lack of these amenities. Wi-fi does work throughout most of the property, but the cell signal is weak since the location is quite remote. Whenever I’m heading out there, I always tell folks I’m going “off the grid.” This is one of the few places I can go where I’m encouraged to truly unplug, and it feels wonderful.

View of the mountains out my window…

Another perk is that the on-site restaurant, the Cascade Bar and Grill, is fantastic. Locally-grown, organic ingredients, with a menu that ranges to from burgers and pizza to duck confit and pacific diver scallops (which are excellent, by the way). A little something for everyone, and they’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Costanoa also has an on-site spa if you want to pamper yourself with a massage, and bike rentals if you want to take a ride.


 Secluded beach a short hike away…

Costanoa has my highest recommendation. It’s on the pricy side, but worth every penny in my opinion. :)

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