by Stephanie Casher on January 18, 2006

Nothing terribly deep today… I’ve been fighting off a cold all week, and everyone knows how difficult it is to be positive and productive when you’re not feeling well. I’m an EmergenC junkie, so I tend to keep my immune system boosted and don’t get sick very often, thankfully. But the bug got me this time. :-( I suppose that’s what I get for drinking too much at bars and kissing strangers, lol.

I’m trying to push through with the editing despite my sore throat and fatigue. I guess I’ll miss my manuscript submission deadline once again, but you know what, I’m not beating myself up about it. That’s the cool thing about self-imposed deadlines–there aren’t really any tangible consequences. I’m not gonna fail a class or get fired or anything, so the stress and anxiety is absent (thank god). I just push it back a little and push on.

Not to say that deadlines are totally useless and arbitrary. I do believe in the importance of setting goals and deadlines for yourself. When you set a deadline, you’re making a commitment to your goal. It gives you something to work towards, structure. We all need a little structure in our lives, even us creative folk who are inherently resistant to such things :-) I was talking to a friend yesterday, who’s trying to submit a grant application, due this Friday. We were lamenting about how difficult it is to get motivated, how easy it is to put things off until tomorrow. Anyways, even though the grant isn’t due until Friday, I encouraged her to set a goal to finish it by Thursday. I reasoned that “even if you don’t finish on Thursday, I bet you’ll be further along come Thursday morning than you would have been if you hadn’t set that goal.” And it’s true. Goals give us something to focus on, and you can’t produce or create anything of value without a certain degree of focus…

What are your goals for the year? Month? Personal, professional or otherwise? Just for fun, why don’t you write a few of them down and tape them to the mirror in your bathroom , or tack them up on a wall. Just the sheer act of writing it out will bring you one step closer to achieving it, and we all gotta start somewhere, right?

Hey FAB – I’ll even give you a head start, lol. Goal for Faby: Find a Business School in the Bay Area and APPLY ;-)

Alright, tis all for now. It’s almost time for me to get LOST :-)

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