LOST Venting…

by Stephanie Casher on January 19, 2006

I’ve decided I’m going to start a Thursday blog tradition of LOST venting, lol.

“Who are we, to tell anyone what they can or can’t do.”

Well, that was one testosterone-fest of an episode, a good ole-fashioned alpha-male showdown. Everyone waving their dicks, er, I mean, guns around, pissing lines in the sand, marking their territory. And they want us believe it’s the WOMAN’s fault that evil reigned supreme, a la Eve (ha) in the Garden of Eden, when in fact, she probably just saved the world and they’re too puffed up on pride to realize it. Reminds me of the Commander and Chief episode this week where the female President averted nuclear war simply by agreeing to apologize. What a concept, eh?

Seriously, Michael can stay lost in the jungle for all I care, cause that’s one less crazy person with a gun running around who might accidentally shoot one of my favorite characters. They really need to start utilizing Libby’s skills as a psychologist to get some group therapy going on. Talk about a group of folks with issues…

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