Headed down to LA LA Land…

by Stephanie Casher on January 12, 2006

Exciting weekend ahead… Not only do I get to go down and celebrate my birthday all over again with my SoCal friends, but I’ve also got a little business meeting lined up :) I’m gonna hook up with Authorpreneur Edwardo Jackson for a power lunch to talk business. Edwardo is my first official author friend :-) It is so cool to have author friends, lol. He, er, got my attention at an online conference a few months ago (lol), and we’ve struck up a pretty good friendship over the past few months. We joke that we’re writing soulmates, cause we write in a similar tone and style… Fellow genre-straddlers… Both charmingly long-winded. I’m excited to finally meet him.

Edwardo has been kind enough to let me pick his brain about my present career dilemma. Namely, to self-publish or not. I’m torn right down the middle on this one, the pros and cons of each side pretty even. I’m interested in Edwardo’s thoughts because he’s had experience with all sides of publishing. He self-published his first novel, EVER AFTER, and then was picked up by Random House, where they re-released EVER AFTER and published the sequel, NEVER HAFTA. Now Edwardo has started his own publishing company, JCM Books, from which his 3rd book in the series, I DO?, is forthcoming in February 2006. Hence the “authorpreneur” bit. Needless to say, there is a lot I can learn from this man. I am grateful for his time and counsel.

So I hit the road in the morning. I’m looking forward to the trip – it’s been a few months since I travelled, and I get to see FABY, which always brightens my day :-) Four-day weekends Rule!

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