What the Cowgirls Do…

by Stephanie Casher on January 14, 2006

Well I made it LA safely… And am having a freakin’ blast. Last night we went to this country club called Montana’s… Now I’m not talking country club as in lifestyles of the rich and famous, but country club as in wranglers, stetsons and COWBOYS Baby!!! And we partied like it was our last Yee Haw, lol.

Yeah, for those of you that don’t know, I love country music. One of the Many things about me that folks find a tad different, lol. It makes total sense to me though. As a writer, I’m all about lyrics and words, and country songs are all about telling a story. It is a genre that reveres simplicity (one of the things I hate about contemporary hip hop is the focus on materialism, misogyny, and recently the glorification of cheating. At least when they cheat in a country song, they feel bad about it). As Trace Adkins sings, they’re songs about lovin’ and livin’ and good-hearted women and family and God… I listen to other music, but like I was telling the boys last night, country has my heart. So our trip out to Montana’s was a real treat for me.

First off, it was so awesome to be with a group of ladies who love country music as much as I do, and don’t just “tolerate” it. The atmosphere was great, the music was great, and watching the folks out on the dance floor just rounded out the night. Guys who can two-step and line-dance are so freaking hot I cannot even handle it (even when they’re chicks, right Fab? LOL). All I gotta say is, I want one. Badly. I think I would even consider breaking my no white-boy rule for a two-steppin’ cowboy…

So a new resolution for 2006 – learn to line dance. Then, start frequenting country bars, lol. And rope me a Cowboy ;-) It is going DOWN when I roll through Texas this summer…

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