Manuscript Update

by Stephanie Casher on January 24, 2006

Man, there just aren’t enough hours in the day… Demands on my time have been high, and I haven’t had enough left over to put in quality work editing. I’ve hit the halfway mark on the editing project, but I’m still not done. However, the shipment of this manuscript cannot be postponed much longer before I risk looking *gasp* unprofessional… So I’ve decided that I will print and ship on Monday, whether I’m finished or not. I try to align most of my projects with astrological omens if at all possible, lol, and the New Moon is on Monday. For those of you that don’t know, New Moons favor initiations and new beginnings.

In other news, Kanye West’s provocative ass is at it again… The rapper has decided to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine posing as Jesus. Uh huh. I have mixed feeling about the man — I respect him as a talented and sometimes brilliant artist and producer, but also strongly believe his ego is WAY out of control. No one should be that full of themselves, it can’t be healthy… I wonder if he’s going to be as whiny in this article as he was in the VIBE article I read… Someone will have to read it and let me know.

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