by Stephanie Casher on January 29, 2006

Well I am coming off the most spiritually intense weekend I’ve had in a while. I have been selected to be present when my cousin Dena gives birth to her first child, and as a member of the birthing team, I attended Hypnobirthing classes with the couple this weekend. Cool stuff. First I gotta confess – I really wanna have a baby now, lol. I simply cannot wait to give birth to my first child, it is going to be so cool… Okay, now let’s box that thought up and put it on a shelf for a couple more years, LOL. But seriously, a natural birth with no unnecessary medical interventions is the way to go, and that is what we are trying to do for the Santillan family.

The premise behind Hypnobirthing is for birthing mothers to use self-hypnosis and meditation to interrupt the Fear-Tension-Pain model, to facilitate birthing with the least amount of discomfort. Most women are perfectly capable of birthing their babies without drugs or surgery, and it was only when men and the medical establishment got involved, turning pregnant women and childbirth into something that had to be “managed”, that all this fear got introduced into the birthing process. In order for the baby to move smoothly down and out of the body, all the muscles in the woman’s body need to relax. Fear – by triggering the fight, flight or freeze response – causes tension in the body, which leads to pain, as the body is now working against its natural instincts to birth the child. It’s all so simple really, mind over matter, right? Well Dena is an incredibly spiritual person, and I’m confident that she can pull this off. And I will be there to offer all the positive energy I have to the process, as well as acting as a forcefield to keep negative, fear-inducing influences out.

Yes, a very deep time indeed.

After class I hooked up with another spirit who quite literally, rocked my world. A very powerful and intense spirit. A spirit who actually healed the pain in my back with his hands and some stones. Crazy. I’ve been in physical therapy/chiropractic care/acupuncture for YEARS, and this boy walks in, lays his hands on me, and makes all the pain go away just like that (just like he said he would). It was a trip. I think spending the morning meditating in the Hypnobirthing class prepped me to be ultra-receptive, but we were doing some major energy work, balancing and alignment, real good stuff. I think I’ve spent too much time lately around non-believers cause I forgot what it was like to be in the presence truly spiritual people. Seriously, I haven’t been vibrating on this level since I fell in love with Mr. Max…

So on top of all the other things I am trying to do right now, I am adding “Reconnect with my Spirituality” to the list. We’re talking regular yoga, astrological meditation, balancing and grounding work and most importantly Positive Thinking. You get back what you put out people.

PS: The manuscript will ship on Tuesday, providing Dena doesn’t go into labor in the next 48 hours.

PPS: Look at the cool things that happen when you let a photographer loose in your house :-)

Thanks Adam =)

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