Manuscript is DONE!

by Stephanie Casher on February 1, 2006

Freakin’ FINALLY!

Oh my God, if you even knew how hard I’ve been working the past 3 days… This thing took way longer than I would have liked to get shipped, but what can I say, sometimes life gets in the way. I totally would have met my Monday deadline too if I hadn’t spent over eight hours in the car this weekend, driving back and forth from SC to SF for the Hypnobirthing classes, and then up to Vallejo on Monday for a “practice run” of Isabel’s birth :-) But alas, Dena wasn’t really in labor, and so back to Santa Cruz I went for the final pushes of my own personal labor.

I am so happy right now I want to throw a party. It’s DONE. No more editing, no more revising. It will soon be in the mail and I can forget about it and move on to other things. Like writing the next book. And finishing Edwardo’s, lol. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I seriously wanna dance around or something corny like that, lol. Man. And its a LOST night? Life is good.

Alright, this is my first night “off” in awhile, so I’m about to get to it. Just wanted to share the good news :-)

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