Mercury Retrograde, 3/2-3/25

by Stephanie Casher on March 2, 2006

Heads up people, we’ve got a bumpy month ahead. Not only will Mercury be Retrograde for most of the month, but we have TWO Eclipses in March as well. Expect the Unexpected! Slow your Roll! And most of all, Don’t Forget to Breathe.

Astrology is a very precise science. It studies cycles by observing the movements of planets and their relationships to each other. Evidence of astrological teachings have been found in civilizations that date back to 3000 B.C., and the modern version of astrological interpretation (the zodiac as we know it) emerged in 180 A.D. A system of thought would not have endured over centuries if it was completely baseless. As “out there” as it may seem to some, astrology is a valid tool to understanding our world.

I began studying astrology about five years ago, and I’ve seen it in practice. I’ve tested the theories. I apply it to my life. When done properly, it can quite illuminating. I find it funny how many of my friends actively seek me out for astrological consultations, lol, like I’m an expert or something. As I’m always saying, “I’m not an astrologer, I just have all the right sites bookmarked.” Well now I have this blog as a way to share what I know with you guys. And maybe we can all make it through the astrological storms a little easier.

First, I highly recommend everyone read their monthly horoscopes at AstologyZone.com. Susan Miller is the bomb and her stuff always resonates with me. Be sure to read for your Sun Sign and Rising Sign too. (If you don’t know your rising sign, leave a comment/email me and I’ll help you figure it out.)

Second, Mercury is Retrograde all month. Mercury retrograde tends to cause malfunctions and miscommunications of epic proportions. All things that fall under Mercury’s rule (communication, transportation, travel, technology/electronics) start to short-circuit and break down. Computers crash, cars break down, we lose things, we have terrible arguments with our loved ones — feel free to blame it all on Mercury Retrograde. Don’t make any major decisions or purchase while Mercury is Retro — when it goes direct, chances are you will second-guess your decision. They say the amount of time Mercury spends in retrograde motion corresponds to the amount of time human beings spend asleep. Mercury Retro FORCES us to slow down, even though we’re socialized to “go go go, faster faster.” The best use of a retrograde period is to sync up with the energies… Draw inward, engage in introspection. This is not the time to barrel forward with new initiations, but rather to Review, Reflect, Refine, Reorganize, Reevaluate, etc. In general, anything with a “re” at the beginning of it is a suitable Retrograde activity.

On top of this, we have two Eclipses this month — a lunar Eclipse in Virgo on March 14th and a Solar Eclipse on March 29 in Aries. Aries and Virgo will feel it most, but everyone is touched by an Eclipse, either directly or indirectly. Eclipses bring unexpected events and force confrontations – the goal being to “unstick” you if you are stuck or stagnating. The harder you’re clinging to an inappropriate pattern/person/activity, the more powerful the Eclipses punch to get you moving on to a better place. That is the one thing to keep in mind during an Eclipse, no matter how painful or unexpected your Eclipse news, its purpose is to move you on to a better place. The Universe may be smacking you upside the head kinda hard, but it is a blessing in disguise.

I can’t go into depth here (I could go on and on about all this!), but if you want more detailed info on how to deal with Mercury Retro and Eclipses, informative articles are linked in the text above. Do your best to roll with the punches, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride…

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