Voices in My Head..

by Stephanie Casher on February 28, 2006

Well, I’ve discovered another side effect of full-time writing — hearing voices in my head. Constantly. At the most inconvenient times. Dialogue, chatter, soliloquies. I cannot turn it off. Seriously, I feel like a crazy person.

This happens sometimes when I get really involved in writing. I spend so much time in this alternative universe with my characters, trying to get inside their heads to create rich dialogue, then somewhere along the way I experience an inversion and all of a sudden they’re in my head. The scenes are carrying on without me. In fact, my characters (Tony in particular) will not shut up.

Not that I want them to shut up. What kind of an artist consciously and willfully silences her inner muse? Talk about self-sabotage. But it does get to a point where it’s a bit much. I can’t just drop everything in the middle of the work day to take dictation when Tony decides he wants to be profound. Or when Faby decides she wants to cuss someone out. As much as I would love to just scribble all day every day, real life demands my attention. I can’t afford to be living in my head all day.

Apparently this is “normal” among writers. Hearing voices, that is. Wow, no wonder they lock themselves away in remote cabins, blissfully reclusive. One can only handle so much talking. Though I suppose I should get used to it and be thankful for the inspiration, huh? Otherwise I’d be complaining about my crippling bout of writer’s block, lol.

But I did get two chapters written this weekend, thanks to Tony and his chattering. I am writing this book ya’ll, chapter by chapter. Every 10,000 words is a milestone, and soon it will be done. For the first time since I started this whole life tangent, I actually feel like a writer…

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