Rain, Rain Go Away…

by Stephanie Casher on March 31, 2006

There was nothing more depressing than flipping on the news last night to watch the weatherman forecast rain for today, rain through the weekend, and rain next week… WTF?!?! Last time I checked, I wasn’t living in the Pacific Northwest – it’s almost freaking April!!! Now I love the rain, normally, in reasonable doses, but I’m pretty much over this extended winter we’ve been having. I’m anxious to feel sunshine on my back, for bike rides along West Cliff, afternoons at the beach writing… To spring forward with all the new plans I’ve been meditating on during my winter hibernation. It is just so hard to motivate to do anything with these clouds hanging over my head… I know I’m not the only one. I would give anything for ten days on the islands right now…

I’m sorry, I know I should have some kind of a point, lol. What can I say, the rain has done a number on my creativity. The dreary setting would probably work great if I was writing mystery/suspense or something super-dramatic, but I’m trying to pen a love story over here. I need picnics on the beach in Carmel, camping in Big Sur, sunsets. Rain is depressing and I don’t want to be depressed!

If anyone wants to help me find a silver lining on these annoying stormclouds, feel free to enlighten me; I obviously passed cranky several hours ago.

Side Proposition: If anyone wants to join me on Sunday, April 9th for a lakeside concert up at Clear Lake, let me know. I have an extra ticket to see Big & Rich and Cowboy Troy (like it’s my Last YeeeHaw ya’ll), and a gorgeous room for us to chill in afterwards. No charge, just keep me company :-)

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