Is Change Always Good?

by Stephanie Casher on April 2, 2006

So I’ve been struggling to redecorate my living room for a while now… The process was stalled because I was having a difficult time parting with one of the couches (I tend to get emotionally attached to things). This weekend I finally got rid of the smaller couch, moved the furniture around once again, and have been trying to get used to my “new” space. “Trying” being the operative word.

Feng Shui is very big on the idea eliminating clutter and arranging a room to promote the optimal flow of energy in a space. Under the heading of, I need all the help I can get, I do my best to apply Feng Shui principles to my home. My random remodel is primarily motivated by the quest for good Feng Shui.

I am frequently accused of being rather inflexible, rigid, and stuck in my ways. I’m a Capricorn, and we are somewhat resistant to change. So as an experiment, I’ve been trying to be a little more open-minded when it comes to trying new things and instituting major life changes (hence the whole ‘author’ detour). But as I sit here in my “new” living room, contemplating which shade of yellow I should paint the walls, I can’t help but wish I still had my purple couch. Part of me longs to put everything back the way it was. Which, of course, is not possible. *Sigh*

Maybe, hopefully, I just need a few days to get used to it… I’m still technically in the in-between stages, so perhaps after I pick up a bookcase, some plants, and paint the walls, I’ll feel differently. I think I’ve definitely learned something important about myself though — that it’s not always in my best interests to force change. Some people need change to keep them moving and stimulated. But I also think there are some of us who know what we want, and what we like, and just want to sit still and enjoy it. You know? In any case, I’ll keep you posted and post pictures when it’s all done done.

PS: Daylight Savings Time Sucks.

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