Bush Declares War on Immigrants

by Stephanie Casher on May 15, 2006

Dear God, please make it stop…

So the President has now decided that immigration is the most important problem facing our nation. Oh Dubya… Sometimes I think the Bush Administration has a serious case of ADD. Hello – what about the war in Iraq that’s killing our nation’s sons and fathers for no dang reason??? What about the communities destroyed by Katrina??? What about the nuclear threat from Iran??? The freakin’ price of gas??? Last I checked, we hadn’t made headway in any of those trouble spots, so how is it that all of a sudden immigrants have become the biggest threat to our security??? Argh – I just want to scream!!! Fix the messes you’ve already made before you make new ones, sheesh!

The plan is to redirect precious resources – time, money, people, federal attention – to patrolling the borders. National guard troops who could be rebuilding New Orleans will now be called up to battle illegal immigration. Fancy equipment will be bought (an estimated 2.5 billion in fence upgrades, for starters), fancy programs created and staffed, all so we can either A) kick out all the undocumented Mexicans (cause you really can’t ignore the racial component of this, it’s not like they’re going to all this trouble to keep out Canadians… though I suppose few Canadians are stupid enough to want to come here, lol) or B) legalize the Mexicans so we can extort back taxes from them to pay down our national debt. Never mind that many corporations have made their millions by exploiting the labor of undocumented workers. Never mind that these are human beings who have families and lives, not cattle to be herded up and shipped out. Never mind that it’s going to open up millions of legal immigrants and Mexican-Americans to a backlash of abuse, harassment and unlawful surveillance. Yes, massive internment and deportation is obviously the answer.

Jay Leno had the best soundbite about this subject on his show the other night:
“Today, of course, was the `Day Without Immigrants’ … Or as the Native Americans call it, the good old days.


Truth is, unless we can boast Native American lineage, we are pretty much ALL descendants of immigrants (or slaves, who did not come here of their free will). Some of us first-generation (like myself). So who gets to decide what is “good” immigration and “bad” immigration? What is the real agenda here? And has anyone bothered to look objectively at the human, social, and economic costs of this sweeping legislation? Any sociologist can tell you that the disenfranchisement of large groups of people is likely to lead to a dramatic increase in crime, poverty, and civil unrest. Worse than it already is. You’re basically declaring war on a segment of the population, and when people are under attack, they defend themselves. People who feel like they have nothing to lose, act as such. I’m already seeing a dramatic increase in crime in my area, and I don’t think the two issues are unrelated. Seriously Mr. President, this is the last thing we need. And if we deploy all the National Guard reserves to the borders, and have law enforcement running around chasing down illegal immigrants, who is going to be protecting our airports and ballparks and public transportation systems from REAL terrorist attacks? I mean really, PICK A CAUSE AND STICK TO IT! Argh!!!

Now I’m not saying that 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States is not a problem, but hello, we’ve got bigger problems to attend to (see above). It’s almost as if the government wants to distract us from how miserably they’re failing in all the other areas by throwing this hot button issue into the media spotlight to get people fired up. Wonderful. I read that the debate has brought the KKK out in full force, and groups of “Minutemen” have mobilized and offered their services towards the border control efforts. How sweet of them – it looks like brown is the new black… Somebody, please make it stop…

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