Nostalgia Junkie

by Stephanie Casher on May 17, 2006

So last weekend I was sitting down to write, and was having a difficult time getting into the proper headspace. This happens to me frequently — a consequence of trying to write romance novels when one is romance-deprived in real life, lol. Last year when I was suffering from this problem, John gave me the best advice on how to get in the mood — rent chick flicks. Very effective – it gets you feeling all cheesy and schmoopy and hopeful – exactly what I need. Though the trade off is that the two hours it takes to sit down and watch a movie is two hours of writing time I lose… Dilemmas, Dilemmas…

Well last weekend I stumbled across an awesome solution to my problem. Amazing that I didn’t think of it before. I was craving music, and instead of putting on a CD, I turned on the radio. After surfing for a bit, I ended up stopping on KWAV – our local 80’s/90’s soft rock/easy listening station. A station whose playlist is filled with music from folks like Lionel Ritchie, Phil Collins, Luther Vandross, Peter Cetera, and Celine Dion… Oh My God — I’ve been listening to it ever since!

Who ever thought I’d be admitting that I was nostalgic for cheesy 80’s music and 90’s power ballads, lol. Said I Loved You But I Lied… Priceless! We did it all for the Glory of Love… Classic! Lady in Red, is dancing with me, cheek to cheek… Timeless! Love takes Time, to heal when it’s hurting so much… Mariah before she went hoochie! I believe the Children are our Future… Whitney before she was a crackhead! I’m starting with the Man in the Mirror… Michael before… well, you get the picture. Those were the Days!!!

Nando and I were waxing philosophic about the nostalgia factor the other night… How crazy it is that a snippet of a song can launch you back in time to a completely different life… Ain’t it funny how a melody, can bring back a memory? And how many times, back then seems so much better than right now. Back when a hoe was a hoe…And coke was a coke… But was it really better? What’s that all about? Why does the past have such a powerful emotional draw? Is it the time period we miss, or who we were back then? Why are we only able to fully appreciate things when we’re far removed from them? And would we really go back if we could?

If given the chance, I wouldn’t go back. Been there, done that – it’s all about the road ahead. But I’ll admit, there are things I really miss. I miss corny love songs. I miss romance. I miss Dynasty and Melrose Place (lol). I miss old skool hip-hop before it became all about the Bling. I miss being a college student. I miss being unemployed. I miss the days when Schwarzanegger was a movie star and not my Governor. And boy do I miss Clinton. Really miss Clinton. I’ve always been nostalgic about the 80’s, but this 90’s nostalgia is a totally new thing… But I’m finding comfort in these random trips down memory lane, flashbacks to happier, simpler times… And it’s helping my writing by putting me back in touch with romantic love at its finest (back when people still actually believed in it)… Here’s to the Good Ole Days… And thank god for the radio…

PS: Had to include some pics of my gorgeous roses…

Note to single women: Do not wait for men to buy you flowers… Go out and buy yourself a rose bush and you can have flowers every day!

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