My True Calling?

by Stephanie Casher on May 19, 2006

So in celebration of John turning the big 2-8 (Happy Birthday JJ!), we went out to dinner last night and tied one on… Let me tell ya, I am NOT in my 20’s anymore folks, lol. Can we say lightweight?!?! Anyways, in the throes of our lushdom, we launched into another one of our super-deep conversations, the kind where we’re debating the meaning of life and other Existential dilemmas… There was a lot of energy shifting around last night – admirable attempts at massive healing and the exorcising of demons. Choosing to break through instead of break down.

So at the peak of my drunkeness, John hurls this question at me:

So what do you think is YOUR purpose here on earth?

(We were talking about the concept of a “hero’s journey,” and how everyone is put on this Earth to do something, like their personal karmic mission.)

I have to admit, the question stumped me. I was seriously speechless for like minutes. I mean, what he was asking was bigger than just my occupation or what I hoped to “accomplish” one day… Granted, we are not all destined for a path as culturally significant as MLK Jr.’s or Gandhi’s, but I really do believe that each and every one of us is here for a reason. So what’s mine?

Initially, my mind was blank. Completely blank. I couldn’t even come up with anything grandiose and unrealistic, lol. Then this came flying out of my mouth:

“I think… I think my purpose is to love people…and show people how to love each other…”

I have no idea where that came from, but that was my answer. So after I blurted it out, I replayed it and digested it for a bit, realizing that it actually worked with the path I am currently on, what I perceive to be my destiny (a career as an author). Especially when you consider my genre of choice is love stories and relationship novels.

I am definitely a pro-love individual. That’s the hippie in me ;-) It’s one of the reasons I’m so obsessed with RENT – Love is the Only Everything. So if that is indeed my life mission, I’m all about it. This whole entry reminds me of an awesome bumper sticker I saw the other day–

“When the power of love outweighs the love of power, Then we will have world peace”

Isn’t that lovely? Here we go ya’ll – changing the world one quote at a time…

PS: Oh my God, the Black-eyed Peas’ “Where Is the Love?” video just came on when I finished typing this. Talk about synchronicity…

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