Falling in Love with Sedona, Part 1

by Stephanie Casher on July 9, 2006

Country singer Jamie O’Neal’s sings”

There is no Arizona
No painted desert, no Sedona

Before I set foot in this breathtakingly beautiful place, I had no idea what she meant by “painted desert”. One just doesn’t imagine colors in the desert. But I can assure you, they do indeed exist…

We left LA around noon on Saturday, and drove into the desert, into the heat, en route to Arizona. My car’s temperature gauge hit 114 degrees at its highest point, though the average was more around 111. Insane heat. But the scenery was beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some ocean, but there is also something so incredibly serene about the vast stretch of nothingness you find in the desert…

Honestly, I was so blown away by the beauty of the scenery, the heat didn’t bother me so much (I don’t use my air conditioning so as not to stress out my car’s engine).

We reached Phoenix somewhere around 5pm, then headed north towards Sedona.

Nothing could have prepared me for the beauty we encountered when we hit Hwy 179 just miles from Sedona. I just did not know such beauty existed in the desert. Huge red rock formations rose up all around us, bordered by blue sky above and green below… AMAZING colors. It was just before sunset and I wanted to cry it was so gorgeous…

I have been to many beautiful places in my life, but this one sails right into my top 5 most favorite places in the world. The town of Sedona is just so freakin’ charming I can’t stand it. I’ve already decided that in addition to making an annual sojourn to this lovely place, after I get my house in Santa Cruz, and house in Hawaii, a home in Sedona is next on the list.

Okay, can’t neglect John for much longer, lol, so check Flickr for more photos… And Sedona Day 2 coming tomorrow….

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