Greetings from LA!

by Stephanie Casher on July 8, 2006

Made it to Los Angeles yesterday safe and sound… Day One of my cross-country adventure started out pretty rough. First of all, I woke up with some kind of freak 24-hour stomach flu. I’m not sure if it was the stress of the computer crash, or the stress of leaving, or a wicked hangover from the night before, or legitimate case of food poisoning, but I felt TERRIBLE from the second I woke up until much later in the evening. I was afraid to eat anything all day, cause I didn’t think I could keep it down. Pretty rough. But I seem to have recovered now, thank God.

We were shooting to get out of town at 10am, but with the computer drama, that didn’t happen, lol. Jay, our amazing Humanities Computing support, to whom I will be FOREVER grateful, had my computer overnight trying to do data recovery to find my deleted files. At 8am, he still hadn’t had any luck, and wanted a few more hours to try one last solution. When I picked up my computer at 11am, he had been able to recover some files, but because they were all in a jumble mess sans filenames, we had no idea if the last draft of WHEN LOVE ISN’T ENOUGH was in there. So John and I take it back to the office and after about thirty minutes of searching, I was able to locate the deleted file!!!! Halle-freakin-llujiah!!! Jay is my HERO! I immediately re-saved it, emailed it to myself and printed that bad boy up. SO Relieved. So with that disaster resolved, it was time to get back on task and get my ass on the road… Finally.

John and I didn’t end up leaving until about 2pm, but we made good time and managed to avoid any major traffic snafus. This is John’s first time in Cali (he’s a New Yorker), so I decided to take the scenic route down to LA via Highway 101. Lovely drive, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed having a travelling companion. I’m so used to travelling by myself, but John is great company, and since I was feeling so terrible with the whole stomach flu thing, having someone around to help me carry stuff, load the car, keep me on task, keep me awake, etc. was like a godsend. Not to mention he’s so incredibly sweet to me, and genuinely caring. I’m so glad he came with me, we’re having an awesome time.

Sometime around 7pm, we pulled over at my favorite hidden beach just south of Santa Barbara so I could swim in the ocean. Due to the cleansing properties of salt water (apparently salt neutralizes negative ions), I try to swim in the ocean as much as possible, but it’s just too cold in Santa Cruz so this was a real treat. The water was a tolerable temperature and we frolicked around in the waves like two kids – so much fun. Then we just laid out and rested for a minute, catching the beginning of a beautiful sunset before getting back on the road. Excellent pitstop.

By the time we finally got to Chris and Andre’s, Faby was there, dinner was on the table, and the hospitality was off the hinges. I couldn’t indulge in the drinking (and there was plenty of that going on, lol), but I did manage to eat dinner, and keep it down, the first signs that I was starting to recover… Thank God. It was so nice to see my girls again, reminisce about the good ole college days, and meet Faby’s new man. The six of us just sat around drinking and talking late into the night. A really relaxing way to end a really long day. I slept like a baby last night and am fully energized and hyped to continue on to our next destination…

As soon as John wakes up and we eat some breakfast, we’re heading out to Sedona, AZ via Phoenix. I’m SO excited because not only do we have two days there, but they opened the forest so I can do my vortex hiking after all!!! Wooo Hoooooo! Sedona is going to be great. So far, so excellent :-)

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