Cappy Kindreds

by Stephanie Casher on August 24, 2006

In addition to having a McGraw-filled weekend, I also got to catch up with some dear old friends who are finally back on the West Coast after too many years in dreary Ithaca, NY. Chris and Liz, both fellow Capricorns, are one of my favorite couples. To be honest, I usually can’t stand to be around couples for extended periods of time, but for some reason I really enjoy hanging out with Chris and Liz.

In the past five years, almost everyone I know has either gotten married, engaged, and/or had a kid. I suppose that’s what happens when most people approach/reach their thirties. But you know me, I’ve always been fond of the road less travelled (aka the long way), and I’m starting to wonder if I really want those things right now… Especially coming off this trip and seeing how much world there is to explore – the thought of “settling down” just doesn’t have the allure it used to. I have so many things I want to do in this life, and so many places I want to see. I think the travel bug that my mother has (she’s currently en route to Russia of all places, lol) finally bit me. And any new parent can tell you how much children impact one’s mobility…

Which brings me back to why I love hanging out with Chris and Liz. They are an awesome couple, incredibly committed (this is their 10th year together!), but they don’t buy into that whole “get married, have kids” thing that society tries to steer us towards. God, it is so refreshing! The white picket fence really isn’t for everyone, and it’s nice to have that validated for a change… It’s also nice to see what I consider a healthy, functional relationship in action. They are two strong-minded and strong-willed individuals who have figured out how to argue and disagree with respect. They’re independent, but they’re a team. Capricorns are notoriously difficult to get along with, so to see two of them navigate relating so successfully really impresses and inspires me. I can’t wait to have a relationship like that someday. :-)

I’m frequently talking about “soulmates.” I believe in soulmates, and I believe we have several of them (I personally have eight, lol). A soulmate to me is someone with whom I have a unique connection, an intimate understanding of each other’s essence and core, because we are ‘cut from the same cloth.’ When I meet a soulmate, I feel as if I’ve known them forever, even if its only been hours, minutes. When I meet a man where the physical attraction equals the soul connect, I call him a soulmate. But when I meet other men and women, where the connection is solid, but the lust absent, I call them kindreds. They are just as precious and rare to me as soulmates, and I cherish my kindreds spirits dearly, holding them close to my heart like family. When my incredibly relaxing weekend with Chris and Liz was over, I didn’t want to leave. I felt so comfortable there, so at ease. But I came out of the visit feeling refreshed and recharged (as opposed to drained like most other interactions leave me), and I am just so grateful that I have a space like that I can run to, when schedules permit. To commune with truly like-minded individuals and feel understood. You guys help me bring clarity to my path, and I freaking love you for it…

People, never underestimate the value of a true friend…

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