Soul2Soul Summer, Stop #4

by Stephanie Casher on August 19, 2006

Well this has been an awesome weekend (and it’s not even over yet, lol)! Rolled down to LA on Thursday to catch Tim and Faith at the Staples Center… I know, I know, after seeing the show already in Dallas, Nashville, and Seattle — why the need to see it again… Normal people just don’t get it, but that is why I thank God for my McFriends *grinlove*

Needless to say, the show was AWESOME! I had a 2nd row seat on the North catwalk, right in front of a video monitor. This was key because for the first time I actually got to see what was going on on the other side of the stage, lol. They were both in good spirits and sounded/looked amazing. I really love Tim’s new song ‘Fly Away’ the more I hear it, and ‘I Need You’ still gives me freaking chills. And duriing ‘No Woman No Cry’ (yes, they covered Bob, lol), Tim cracked me UP when he goes – “Everything’s gonna be alright, everything’s gonna be alright… A few more years and everything’s gonna be alright…” LMAO–I LOVE YOU TIM!!!

They played three shows at the Staples Center, but I only bought a ticket for the first night, which ended up working out great since we got wind of a Bread and Water show at the Whiskey after the concert on Friday. Bread and Water shows are a Tim tradition, where he’ll go play a small club, reminiscent of the days when he was just starting out, charge a minimal cover charge, play late into the night, and donate all the proceeds to charity. The set list is made up primarily of cover songs. I was lucky enough to attend the last Bread and Water show at the Whiskey, and these shows are just amazing in the sense that they’re intimate, casual, and you just get to see Tim in a setting you don’t normally get to see him in. Well, I got to the line around 7:30pm, checked in with my girls, then went to get some dinner (which ended up being a lot of beer and only half my dinner, lol). Hung out with the girls (and BrothaMatt) in line for many hours waiting for the doors to open. They finally let us in sometime around 1am, and they played until 3:30am. It was a late night, and my feet are KILLING me from standing for all those hours, but it was soooooo worth it!

Tim opened the show by coming down and messing around on the acoustic guitar. He knew we’d been waiting long, and didn’t have any patience for the grips who were still fiddling with the equipment and sound levels… He kept saying “Forget it, we’ll fix it as we go along. Ya’ll don’t mind if we sound like shit for a little bit, do you?” I. Love. Him.

He sang several songs off his upcoming album, and I love new stuff so this rocked. My favorite is called “The River and Me” which I gather is about an abusive husband/father that Tim ends up killing in the end. I’m no advocate of cold-blooded murder, but just like with Goodbye Earl we make exceptions ;-) The music on this song is awesome!

Faith took the stage with her band after awhile, and sang one song then brought Reba McEntire out to join her. Now I’m still a little irked at Reba for dissing the Dixie Chicks, but I have to admit I love her music and it was awesome to see her up there. They covered a Linda Ronstadt song “When Will I Be Loved” and then did one of Reba’s songs “Does He Love You”, which surprisingly, even though Faith opened up for the woman on tour, she didn’t know any of the words. So Reba is feeding her the lines and Faith is doing her best not to F it up, LOL. She actually did a good job, and then towards the end, Tim came down to role play the man they were fighting over, and they made a Reba/Tim/Faith sandwich… AWESOME! I wish they had let us bring cameras in, because that picture would have been freakin’ priceless!

Reba left the stage and Faith sang some more songs sola… ‘The City’ by Journey and ‘Think’ by Aretha Franklin which was my second favorite song of the night after ‘The River in Me.’ I just love it when Faith gets all soulful… Then someone requested Sunshine and Summertime, which annoyed me cause the point is to hear them do stuff we DON’T typically hear them do, and she said she didn’t want to do it, but they kept yelling so she sang it. Her keyboardist made the comment like “Well at least you know the words to this one!” (she messed up the lyrics to most of the songs…must have been a lil tipsy).

Speaking of tipsy, Tim was totally wasted and I love it when Tim’s wasted. He’s just so much more “Tim” — the drinks, he swears, he tells inappropriate jokes, LOL. He was telling a story about how he loved playing in small clubs better than for 30,000 people… How in the beginning, when they had only a van and a trailer, they’d play clubs like this and only five people would show up… And how Darren would lay all five of them… But that they were fat and ugly… Then Darren goes “Well I had to do something, its not like I was getting paid” and Tim totally flipped him off! Then during the last bit of “Forget About Us” where he’s singing that part “your soft green eyes, warm skin, the way you say good morning” – he was singing it to Darren and Bob and making lovey mushy eyes at them which cracked me up. Oh another thing that cracked me up was drunk Faith dancing!!! I swear, we all know dancing is not Faith’s specialty, but if she must dance, ply the girl with alcohol first because she can shake that booty! During one song, “That’s Alright Mama” I think, they were both up there gyrating and shaking their hips like they were having frantic bunny sex! I could NOT stop laughing! I have never, never seen her act so silly. Oh to have that on video…

They played until 3:30am and I didn’t get home until 4am. Long night but so memorable and so worth the wait. A big hi to all the McFriends and McGrawGirls I met and chilled with tonight (Iris, Colleen, Dawn, her daughters, Karen, Ann Marie, Ann, Sheila, BrothaMatt and Veronica). Hope to see most of you in VEGAS!!!

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