Getting My Write On…

by Stephanie Casher on October 2, 2006

So this past weekend me and my writer buddy Liz (who I met at the Prepare to PItch! Conference last May) went to a writing workshop in San Jose on “How to Write Luminous Dialogue”. It was a day-long workshop where I picked up a lot of helpful pointers on character development and dialogue. It also went a long way towards rekindling my author flame, which I’ll admit goes out from time to time as life whirls and swirls around me.

The past few weeks, I’ve definitely been back on the ball where my writing is concerned. I’m working on WHEN LOVE ISN’T ENOUGH for at least two hours every day, and am fully engaged with the project again after being away for so long. I set some short and long-term goals, which I am proud to report I’m meeting :-) I’m networking and plotting my next steps towards my eventual publication. And now, thanks to this dialogue workshop, I am taking steps to hone my craft and improve the quality of my writing. Everything is syncing up quite nicely over here.

Writer events are great because they always remind you of all the things you tend to forget when you’re getting beat down by the business, lol. The most important thing being – if you want to make a living as a writer, you have to be serious about it and treat it like any other job. You have to put in the time. You have to set (and meet) deadlines. You have to be persistent and professional. And you can never, ever give up. Well it’s not like I was fixin’ to give up, but I definitely needed a kick in the pants to get my ass into the next gear. And now it’s full speed ahead baby…

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