Marc Broussard ROCKS

by Stephanie Casher on October 5, 2006

Well I’ve found myself another favorite artist… *swoon* I am in love with Marc Broussard.

I was first exposed to Marc Broussard when VH1 Country started playing the video for “Home” in heavy rotation. Now Marc is not a country artist, but he is a Louisiana boy, so he gets some country love. I just have to thank VH1 for hooking it up because I am so happy to have been exposed to this talented artist.

I don’t know what is wrong with me — I seem to have this bizarre musical/racial inversion fixation. For example, I love white boys who rap, Black cowboys, and Black rockers (Mista D, Lenny Kravitz). Marc Broussard fits right in with my obsession — he’s a white guy doing this bluesy-soul thing that is just HOT. I tend to favor Southern things because I am in love with the South, and Broussard reminds me of why… He’s soulful, he’s sincere, and he’s as deep as he is smooth. He doesn’t just play the music, he creates it, and then sends it out to touch and move others.

Carencro is one of my favorite CDs EVER–there is not one song on there that I don’t like. Because he’s still “up and coming,” his gigs tend to be regional, and he doesn’t make it out to the West Coast very often. :-( I was SO excited when I learned he’d be playing in Cali this month.

Getting to the point, on Wednesday night I went up to the City to see his show at the Independent. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. That boy has some serious soul and can play the hell out of a guitar. It was an intimate venue, and onstage it was just Marc, his bass player and the drummer, but they made the most beautiful music. The groove and the bass moved my body — I had the Best time dancing the night away! And falling in love. Live music freakin’ rocks.

I can only pray that he comes back to California more often… Cause this girl is freakin’ hooked. Watch out Tim and Keith! ;-)

Check out this fabulous artist!
Marc Broussard’s Official Website
Marc Broussard on Myspace

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