Made it to Hawaii (Finally!)

by Stephanie Casher on April 11, 2007

So I finally made it to Hawaii… I know, you’re probably looking at the date on my last post thinking – “what do you mean you’re just getting there???” Well, the reason I’m able to fly to Hawaii every year is because KC’s family sets aside a Delta Buddy Pass for my use, so I can go visit my friend and Godson. But the downside of the buddy pass is that I have to fly standby.

Well it turns out, Spring Break is a terrible time to try to fly standby. All the planes were full all last week, and I wasn’t able to catch a flight until Monday. But I’ve finally arrived, safe and sound, and though they did manage to lose my luggage along the way, I am in great spirits. I’m back in one of my favorite places on the planet, reunited with my Frover, and having a wonderful time…

The past month has been rather stressful for me, and it’s amazing how quickly all that stress evaporated once I stepped off the plane. This whole island is one big happy place for me. And having my Frover here with me is just the icing on this delightfully awesome cake.

So I’m chillaxin’, enjoying everything wonderful that this island has to offer… Such as…
*** Island time (i.e. I’ll get there when I get there)
*** Balmy 80 degree weather with just the right amount of humidity
*** Being able to swim in the ocean
*** Walking around half-naked
*** Visiting with aunties who insist on feeding you delicious home-cooked meals
*** Garlic shrimp and short ribs from Loco Moco
*** Poke
*** Island sunsets

And I still have a week left… Yay for vacations! So far the romance part of the vacay has been lovely, and on Friday I head over to Maui to hang with KC and the boys. Just wanted to let everyone know I made it safe — pics to come!

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