A Defining Moment…

by Stephanie Casher on November 5, 2008

Today is a day for the history books folks. The people rose up, turned out in record numbers, and cast their votes for change–electing Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America.

I’m feeling so many things at this moment… Majorly overwhelmed by emotion. Of course there’s the elation that comes with feeling victorious, to see the fruits of your collective labor bear fruit after such a long, exasperating drought… The inspiration that comes from seeing the improbable become reality, as hope triumphs over fear and the mood of a nation starts an important shift. Not to mention extreme relief to not have to suffer through a repeat of 2000 and 2004.

But most of all, I feel an indescribable pride, not just in my candidate, who ran a flawless campaign with a steady hand, exercising sound judgment at every turn, without compromising his personal integrity, ideology, or values. But also pride in the American people, who favored character over color and elected an African-American man to the highest office in the land, when only forty-five years ago Blacks were still struggling to win basic civil rights. And last but not least, I’m proud of my Obama folk, every single person I know that put their heart and souls into this campaign, giving money, raising money, knocking on doors, phonebanking, registering voters, organizing communities, and banding together to form the most impressive grassroots coalition I have ever seen! We have so much to celebrate, even though our journey is just beginning. But change has finally come, and a better world is now within reach.

This quote has been making the rounds, and I find it so powerful:

Rosa sat so Martin could walk… Martin walked so Barack could run… Barack ran so our children could fly…

I couldn’t agree more, and on behalf of my future children, I am so thankful. Onward, Upward, and God Bless America…

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